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Are you a local or regional authority? Do you provide social services? Do you fund the provision of social services? Do you want to make best use of your budget to invest in new, modern social infrastructure and innovation? Then the EU Investment Plan can be a new option for you.

The EU Investment Plan is an important initiative developed by the European Union and the European Investment Bank (EIB) to help access to finance (loans) for enterprises and public authorities. To achieve this, the EU Investment Plan works on three main areas:

  • European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI): unlocking investment of over €300 billion over three years into European SMEs and infrastructure projects
  • Advice and support: providing support to stakeholders through the European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH) and the EU Investment Project Portal (EIPP)
  • Facilitating Legal Frameworks: supporting investment in the real economy

EFSI facilitates access to better loans by using EU money as a guarantee for private investors. To date EFSI has helped 100,000s of SMEs and Infrastructure projects get access to decent loans; at a better rate than without any intervention by EFSI. It is also helping multiple regions and cities to get access to loans at a decent rate for their investment plans

Through a €21 billion budget, coming from the EU and the EIB, EFSI aims at unlocking €330 billion worth of additional investment into the real economy. The objective is to address a funding gap that is limiting the ability of the public, private and non-profit sectors to get decent loans for their investments.

Uno de los componentes clave del FEIE es que van en función de la demanda, es decir, los promotores de proyectos tienen que presentarse antes de recibir el apoyo del FEIE. Otro de estos componentes pasa por el tamaño y las necesidades financieras del proyecto puesto que de esto depende acceder o no al FEIE.

Las ayudas del FEIE se ofrecen a través de dos ventanas:

  • Ventana de Infraestructura e Innovación
    • Dar apoyo a proyectos requiere unos €25 millones de inversión
    • Ofrece préstamos directos a través del Banco Europeo de Inversiones
    • o Puede ayudar a atraer otros inversores importantes para que financien su proyecto
  • Ventana de Pequeña y mediana empresa (PYME)
    • Da apoyo a proyectos de menos de €25 millones
    • Se implementa a través de intermediarios financieros (bancos seleccionados u otros inversores privados) para dar préstamos a Empresas, incluyendo proveedores de servicios sociales y a autoridades locales, regionales y nacionales
    • Se implementa a través de diferentes programas (COSME, InnovFin, EaSI)


In most cases, a EFSI intervention would provide a better loan deal for your needs than many other options. This is a result of the fact that EFSI reduces the risk for Financial Intermediaries and the EIB to invest in your project by providing guarantees against a part of the possible losses.

It is however difficult to state with precision the advantages EFSI and other EIB programmes may bring for your specific project given that your project would need to be analysed first. Such criteria would include matters such as income/revenue structures, sustainable business plans, good governance, et cetera.

The Success Stories demonstrate however the benefits EFSI could provide for your project plans.

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